London and Paris

London and Paris
Hop on, hop off bus services although seemingly cheesy are great way to see London in short amount of time. There are a bunch, but here is one-
Otherwise you spend a lot of travel time underground

If they want a proper tea with Royal influences

Jen's fave store in London

Harrod’s is good for the shock and awe. Especially the escalators.

As teens they may like Portobello market. I liked Camden market way better but Notting Hill is so famous.

John and I just chatted and he said similar to me in that stay somewhere fun. Best bet is to look at some in Trip Advisor and send them to us and we can give you more guidance. Westminster or Mayfair are fun locations and the key is central to get anywhere. 
A fab and famous food market

And here is Jen's favorite casual fish and chips off one of my favorite high streets in London (Marylebone High Street). However, it is not centrally located so it may be a trip when they have more time.
And always playful fun to be had at the biggest toy store in the world-Hamleys

Soho is great too-especially for young people. Obviously it is well known.

Primrose Hill another fun trendy place but again probably for a longer stay because not easy to get to unless you walk to it from our old house. It was one of our faves.
Jamie Oliver and Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin lived there while we were there
Same story with Hampstead Heath but even harder to get to and all the rock stars ended up there.
Hey there- I just saw Tracy at dance and it occurred to me I haven’t heard from book club. Do you still meet?  Did I get ghosted for poor attendance??

Paris highlights I love

The tour on the roof is amazing at Sacre Cour
Obviously Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Musee d’Orsay all great. We did the top ten in the Louvre because you could spend days there.
There is a bar at the top of the Eiffel Tower and open at night.

My favorite museum though is the Rodin where the grounds are spectacular and there is a cafe to eat at.
He could probably drink there. They don’t seem very bothered by the whole thing. 

I know.  I was never carded

Go see the Arc and get a macaron at Laduree
Sewer tour is fascinating but only depending on how much time they have there
Never went to top of Notre Dame because wouldn’t wait in line. But a visit there is great. 

However, waiting in line(ours was short) to get into Sainte Chappel was worth it to me. Less crowded too.
Difficult to get bad food anywhere in Paris but do be aware most places not open in the 2-5 hour so plan accordingly and store a jambon in your pack.  Or just grab a baguette somewhere.

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